The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

The Timeline


2018-06-21: Tremors

12:55: Edmund teases, “I hope you all like dice and pennies!”
17:27: “*SPOILER!” with a silhouette of a poop

2018-06-22: The Surface Chips

11:20: Edmund offers Jim Sterling a “taste of thing thing”
11:24: More talk of “free samples”
20:13: Date announced; 27th of June. Accompanying this, a close-up shot of Isaac with Maggie on the left
20:38: Confirmations: Not a sequel or DLC, not previously announced, it’s multiplayer, it’s a spinoff, it features art by Isaac fans, it is a type of game not previously worked on

Q and A I (20:41 - 21:10)

20:41: 10 Minute Q and A session begins
20:42: System revealed to be “something everyone [he] know[s] owns”
20:43: Not releasing on Switch, but confirmed to be “mobile”
20:43: 2-4 players confirmed. 5-6 players being tested
20:44: Confirmed to use “aspects […] seen in card games”
20:44: The appearance of a character previously unseen semi-confirmed.
20:45: Confirmed not to be a battle royale; “not that kind of vs”
20:48: Stated as a “strategy” game
20:50: The game has been five months in the making
20:50: Turn-based
20:51: Title half-revealed: “The Binding of Isaac: _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ _” Responses begin guessing
20:54: Edmund would love if NorthernLion could LP it
20:54: Contains “as many [hours of content] as you’d like”
20:58: The Bloat confirmed to be in the game, but not playable
20:58: Reputed to be both fun with friends and backstabby
20:59: Super fans will love it, but no keys will be distributed
21:03: Art style named as similar to the cutscenes from Isaac
21:10: The Q and A ends

21:58: Not a mobile game confirmed

2018-06-23: Cracks Form

22:11: Only a few days to go! {image of Isaac, Maggie, Judas, and Cain}
22:13: Azazel is “down there somewhere”

2018-06-24: Taking Cover

11:29: Edmund asks the community what the end-game Isaac is called
11:33: They settle on a ‘build’
12:23: “3 more days!” accompanied by an image of Little Horn
12:42: “No loading screens”

Q and A II (14:05 - 14:41)

14:05: Edmund begins another Q and A.
14:07: Local multiplayer only.
14:08: Playable this year, possibly sooner in the bay area
14:08: Genre rephrased as “casual strategy multiplayer”
14:09: No single-player experience
14:10: Vague beating-around-the-bush when asked if it’s a tabletop RPG
14:11: More sneaking around the question when asked about “shuffling”
14:11: Confirmation again that Edmund had “never made a game like it”
14:12: Bum-bo not playable (yet)
14:14: Eight playable characters and counting
14:14: Placed after/during the end of the current Isaac game in the timeline
14:15: Probably won’t be as successful as Isaac
14:15: Not a dating sim
14:18: Azazel still a bit overpowered
14:18: Difficulty depends on who you play with
14:19: “you roll stuff in it”
14:19: Storm Crow is not in it yet
14:19: Edmund hopes Isaac is in it.
14:19: It is confirmed to be “badass”
14:20: Implied to be part spinoff, part canon
14:21: Ideal play group is stated as four players
14:24: Confirmed not to be Isaac GO
14:29: “Some aspects can be compared” to Mario Party.
14:30: Confirmed to share “some similarities” with Slay the Spire, including “turns”
14:31: The new game will cost more than Edmund’s previous game
14:32: Game will “probably” be able to end a friendship
14:41: The Q and A session ends

14:47: “hey guys i found the real leaked cover!” with an image of the cover art. Responses note resemblance to the cover art of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.
14:49: Edmund reveals that the cover art was actually dropped yesterday on the official Binding of Isaac Facebook page

2018-06-25: Four Souls

11:33: “48 HOURS REMAIN!”
15:00: The logo and title are revealed – The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls
19:21: Edmund tells a fan hoping for a full-fledged online multiplayer roguelike to “prepare to be disappointed”

2018-06-26: Tick Tock

7:33: Edmund confirms it won’t be a phone, console, or Steam game; accompanying this, a picture of a bomb
10:00: A screenshot of the Kickstarter trailer is shown
10:26: Edmund posts an image that he says he’s going to turn into a poster

Q and A III

10:42: Edmund opens up the floor for questions for fifteen minutes
10:44: The game is playable with as few as two players…
10:46: …though four “seems to be the most fun”
10:50: The game has a “certain replayability” like Isaac
10:50: The “average run” is thirty minutes to an hour
10:51: The Lost will “probably” be in it
10:52: There might be expansions, “if you guys love it”
10:54: All characters have the same stats, but different abilities/starting items
10:54: It is more expensive than the Binding of Isaac, but less expensive than the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + for the Switch (which retails at around $40)
10:55: No guest stars
10:55: Edmund believes it will reach South America
10:55: Bob’s Brain is confirmed to be in Four Souls
10:56: There might be limited editions
10:58: Gameplay is “simple but deep”
10:59: Gameplay is “turn based in real time”
11:00: Non-Isaac fans will be able to play
11:07: Butter Bean is in the game
11:10: Brimstone is in the game
11:11: Ed runs out of steam

21:04: Ed teases that something “pretty cool” is incoming in three hours
23:04: “55 min till the big reveal!”

2018-06-27: Liftoff

00:07: The Kickstarter goes live, and with it come several spoilers

To be continued…